• Connect your store to your enterprise with QS-Serve™.

  • Simplify and expand your control of your enterprise systems environment with QS-Recon™.

  • Extend your enterprise with Windows Mobile or Windows CE devices using QS-Mobile™.

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Connect your store to your enterprise with QS-SERVE™.

Store systems are often isolated systems.  Extending visibility of corporate data can improve process, improve data accuracy and improve customer service.

The QS-Serve™ product provides a scalable platform to manage communication and broker information to and from the corporate systems.  Data requests are created from the store systems and sent to the QS-Serve™ transaction server.  The transaction server brokers the message to the destination, or retrieves the requested data, and returns the data message back to the store for further processing by the POS system.

Take control of your enterprise with QS-RECON™.

Managing an enterprise wide system that involves hardware, O/S, database, networks and software applications can be a daunting task.  Rarely do IT teams have a single point of visibility to the current status of all aspects of the enterprise. This is magnified in a POS enterprise environment, with POS hardware and high turnover users involved.

Employing a system that monitors and provides real time feedback to the IT staff to be proactive instead of reactive offers a substantial list of benefits:

  • More timely corrective action
  • Less downtime
  • More accurate problem reporting
    • For IT personnel
    • For 3rd party support personnel (i.e. hardware support)
  • Cost and labor savings at both end user and corporate IT level
    • Spend less time working around a problem
    • Spend less time diagnosing a problem
    • Provide problem correction before it becomes an operational impact
    • Not software specific or dependent.  Upgrades to other systems will not cause this system to become obsolete.
    • Perform remote system management functions
  • Manage software deployment.
    • Identify and eliminate issues caused by failures in software upgrades.
    • Have positive feedback to know that each location is running the correct version of software, including the configuration behind it.
  • Provides tools to be help achieve and maintain compliance for PCI and SOX standards.
  • Provides tools to reduce the LP exposure of store systems.
  • Virtually an unlimited breadth of information.

QS-RECON™ Control Center
QSRCON Control Center

QS-RECON™ Dashboard
QSRECON Dashboard


Extending your enterprise with QS-MOBILE™.

Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices are in use at retail locations to extend the reach of GSMobile Onhandinventory systems with a wireless reach.  This enables retailers to achieve a higher level of productivity and a higher level of accuracy of inventory related functions such as receiving, shipping, adjustments, counts, price checks, and labeling. POS throughput can also be improved using the simple lane busting functionality.

GSMobile Receive itemQS-Mobile™ provides that extension.  Ease of use, flexible infrastructure, flexible support across a broad range of hardware choices allow our clients to select a hardware solution that will satisfy the personnel, budget and functional needs.

Take a test run with QS-Mobile™.  Extend your enterprise.


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